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Bestfriends 6 years ago
All my bestfriends are girls for this reason
Horny bastard 6 years ago
That lucky mother fucker.. I would have let her keep sucking while I shot my load in her mouth god damn man
bddaddy 6 years ago
wish i had a best friend like her very hot
KKB 7 years ago
I wish my best friend would let me suck him like that.
devilson 8 years ago
She would make me moan, too.
Five Diamonds 10 years ago
Best display since Charlie
big roller 10 years ago
it's easy to deep throat a long skinny cock like that
DickDog 11 years ago
She needs more practicee on goin to the sack with those lips! B plus.
your_next 11 years ago
I agree duder he does sound fucking stupid...
dangerous 11 years ago
nice BJ